A Healthy Cupcake Remake of Hostess Cupcake?

A Healthy Cupcake Remake of Hostess Cupcake?


Is anyone else here getting childhood flashbacks of when you finally were able to sneak off and have a forbidden Hostess cupcake or SuzyQ?

Sorry I just had to reprint.  Of course if you eat the whole batch at once (possible…) you’re going to pack on some extra “hang”, some extra “puffiness”, pop out some extra “cottage cheese”, carry some extra “water weight”, add some more tubby to that tummy (derriere, or thunder thighs..) so take it easy there… (note to self).

Here are a couple screen shots of the healthy cupcake recipe below.   Go to the article listed on Yahoo Health for the details.  Hopefully you can relive some happy child hood memories while feeling better about that in the process.   And you maybe able to find a new “go to” treat for your kids in the process (you just may not want to tell them they are a “healthy version” just yet until after they like them).



From Yahoo Health Article:  See full recipe with instructions.



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