Alkaline Diet Plus This Type of Exercise Keeps Kate Hudson Lean

Alkaline Diet Plus This Type of Exercise Keeps Kate Hudson Lean…

I was reading an article about Kate Hudson and the Alkaline diet, not sure which caught my attention more, yet some interesting things come to mind.

Being “alkaline” or rather being more alkaline vs. being more acidic in your blood is critical to many factors contributing to optimal health.  They say that “disease cannot exist when your blood is in an alkaline state” – a very bold and powerful statement indeed!

Kate talks about focusing on avoiding dairy, wheat, meat, sugar, wine and beer to keep her blood from becoming overly acidic.   Of course eating things like greens, citrus… or even drinking organic apple cider vinegar can help alkalize your blood as well.  So if you’re avoiding the acidic causing foods while taking in alkaline causing foods you are most definitely helping your body stay alkaline.

There is much more to be said about the effects of keeping your blood alkaline.  But also check out the type of exercise she does.

As you can see in her picture she and her brother are looking quite lean, yet healthy lean:

Kate Hudson Swears By an Alkaline Diet. Here's What She Eats, Plus The Secret To Her Flat Abs

(Photo: Courtesy of FL2)

Kate mentions the following exercise types she does mostly:  sprints, Pilates and  various exercise programs that engage the full body in natural body movement.  When you use natural body movement you engage many more muscles vs. just one focus muscle or group of muscles that you experience weight training.

When you can engage more muscle in your workout and engage those muscles to a decent intensity level, then, as I’ve noticed especially recently, our bodies demand more energy for repair of those muscles.  Consequently, we are able to burn more fat between our workouts.

On top of that, when we engage the whole body in a more vigorous way we tend to have better blood flow which can remove waste products and introduce more oxygen and nutrients into various parts of our bodies.  This can help reduce inflammation, blood flow blockage allowing for less puffiness and a better “glow” to our looks.

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