MAGNA Being = Great Health – Great Being

To achieve this we must become very cerebral, logical for the purpose of removing factors that weaken our health from our lives while installing new factors that increase our health in our lives.

Our habits when it comes to health are absolutely key for success.

Better yet, it is very prudent to acquire as much health knowledge and understanding in order to create solid core basic health systems for:

Pollutant Removal

Oddly enough not many seem to be interested in finding and removing the root of health problem,  There certainly is a lot of concern about treating the symptoms that are created from a cause of a health problem.

Before rushing ahead into taking action of of potential erroneous diagnosis why not look into what could be causing the problem in the first place?  Many problems have been fixed this way while avoiding disastrous actions that can be caused  by shallowly diagnosis.

  • Remove the many layers of chemicals and toxins that surround your and that you keep putting on your body
  • Understand what these chemicals and toxins are doing to your internal systems
  • Discover how your own body produces toxins, waste products that build up inside of you causing health problems due to poor blood flow, poor oxygenation and poor nutrient availability


Supplementation is a Cornerstone for Great Health

Eating enough pure, organic, unpolluted, un-genetically altered foods is hughely important for good health.  But for most people doing so is:  a. Too expensive  b. Hard to find c. Time consuming and distracting.  So therefore smart supplementation is vital.

Other health websites tout “you should get all your nutrients from foods” in addition to other health care “professionals”.  But they forget, most people are as well off as they are and can not even afford such foods nor do they have availability in their nearby grocery stores as the well off in big cities have.

But supplements, even if just a Food Based Multivitamin can work wonders and increase health greatly, at very affordable prices when comparing to all of the foods (if they could even be obtained) one would need to eat otherwise.

Habits Are Key for Great Health

A habit is something that we can establish in ourselves to program ourselves for success.  When we can get ourselves to do good things as a habit vs. doing bad things as a habit we put ourselves in position to succeed.