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The information on and related communications, materials and/or products should not be construed as specific advice; it is a limited review of the available scientific and empirical evidence. It is presented for the sole purpose of stimulating awareness and further investigation of important information that may help the reader achieve better health.

Any individual wishing to apply the information in this website and related communications, materials and/or products for the purposes of improving their own health should not do so without first reviewing the scientific references cited and consulting with a qualified medical practitioner. All patients need to be treated in an individual manner by their personal medical advisor’s.

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FDA LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The statements made on this website, on any brand content of ours or on our products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.  The products on this site are sold with the intention to hopefully help support good health. No product of ours:  supplements, diets, exercise programs, protocols, foods, oils, creams, soap or other personal care items or any other product on this site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We require you to seek the personal, individualized guidance of a licensed, knowledgeable health care professional who can work with you on an individual basis before attempting to use any of our products.

GENERALLY EXPECTED RESULTS FROM OUR PRODUCTS:  We make no promises or guarantees of any results. We do not even intend to imply you will have results. We intend to represent and information product’s developer’s success and experience with their particular method and discovery they are reporting upon. All information on this site including information products or including sales material regarding physical products and information products are not to be taken as advice or instruction, even if something is called a protocol, a system, a strategy or a diet. If one so chooses to follow the information in one of our information products then they do so of their choosing agreeing to work with a licensed Healthcare professional for guidance.

TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER: Testimonials found on our website are to be considered unverified having been sent to us via email by a customer (unless we go through a formal verification process then consequently let you know about it). A testimonial success may or may not reflect the average customers experience with one of our products. Testimonials are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone else can or will achieve similar results.  Most customers you’re trying to emulate our Health based strategies and systems End up doing nothing.  Other customers simply don’t have the time or are too distracting to learn the program appropriately.  Other customers have many other negative health factors going against their health therefore impeding progress versus someone else who has less negative health factors.

RISKS OF PRODUCT USE: The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis.  No diet plan, protocol, strategy, system or workout should be performed without the consent of your licensed healthcare professional.  Information product on our website or In our information products is not intended to give advice, diagnose, prescribe, recommend or even imply that you should do such and such a thing. We provide our diets, strategies, protocols, systems, workouts, recipes, supplements or foods as an expression of our own discoveries and or our own research on what has either worked well for the author or formulator or has been researched to show certain benefits as discovered by others. Our information is not to be relied upon whatsoever. Our supplements are not to be taken unless approved by your licensed health-care professional. There is most certainly risk of injury externally, internally or even emotionally from doing any new diet, strategy, protocol, system, workout, and recipe or supplementation program. Whatever you decide to take or do from the information provided on this website or from our products are to your risk. We intend to provide the best information and the best products but there are way too many variables involved for each individual in regards to their reaction to any of our products. Also when exercising it is very easy to injure oneself for the moment one does not have full bio-response connection feedback or ignores their bio response connection feedback when the body warns that continuation and such a thing would result in injury, and one can get injured, pull something or break something.

If one is in a poor health condition, a pre-existing mental or physical health condition, where has been injured one way or another, then one puts them self and extra risk of being further injured or injuring something else when one tries to implement any new diet, strategy, protocol, system, workout, recipe or supplementation program. That said, even the most healthy individual can put themselves into injury harm by doing any new diet, health based strategy, protocols, health-based systems, workouts, recipes, supplements or foods. If one pushes the body too far too fast in one direction externally or internally injury can result, so be warned. If one chooses to participate in any of our programs, our diets, strategies, protocols, systems, workouts, recipes, supplements or foods etc. when one does So at their own free will and accord knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks associated with engaging in such activities. Do not assume you’ll just be fine by engaging in any our diets, strategies, protocols, systems, workouts, recipes, supplements or foods without the guidance of a licensed, healthcare professional.

Our information products and content: Advertising, articles, information products or any information on this site is to be considered to be theoretical ideas, educational reporting on a matter, and to some, even as entertainment for sake of the enjoyment of the learning process, the learning of new things and are not to be construed as advice, diagnosis, treatment, prevention or prescription. We by no means intend to tell you what to do, prescribe, diagnose, or treat any condition, although some may tend to automatically assume so. Don’t use our products or systems without licensed professional supervision because there are too many variables in play regarding one’s individual health and it’s very easy to injure one’s self doing any sort of exercise program if one isn’t highly athletically experienced.  Our objective in making the content on this site in addition to our information products is to share information from the respective author’s experience, from the respective author’s testing upon his or herself and from the respective author’s own research for the intent and purpose that one may possibly learn something, understanding or gain inspiration.

The information on this site and in our products is not intended to replace medical advice. No action or non-action should be taken based on the contents of the information on our website or in our products. Before beginning any sort of nutritional or exercise regimen we require you to consult your licensed health care professional to be sure it’s appropriate for you. The information and opinions expressed on our website and in our products are believed to be accurate based on the best judgement of the author. Consumers of our information who fail to consult with appropriate health care professionals assume the risk of any injuries.

Understand that even if the respective author tested a product, protocol, strategy or system on themselves successfully for years, it does not mean it will work for you as an individual in your uniqueness.  Each individual is unique because, for example, each individual has their own:  body chemistry, blood types, genes, environment, air pollutants, indoor pollutants, chemicals applied to body or ingested, surrounding radioactive and magnetic fields, diets, supplementation, air quality, allergens, mold spores, dust, dander from animals, insects encounters, emotional states, spiritual states, body strength, average blood flow from exercise or lack of exercise and so on… That said we believe that as you work with a competent healthcare professional on an individualized basis to try and understand your overall fitness & health level, you can optimize factors that affect your health in a positive way more and more and better and better over time.

Do not make assumptions or assume anything about our products.  Do not imagine things that are not there.  Make sure you carefully understand each product before attempting to use.  We don’t intend to make health claims or promises even though a statement may seem as such by an article writer or a sales copy writer.  If you have questions about our products please contact us and ask.  But do understand we cannot give you health advice, make diagnosis or prescribe anything to you in any way shape or form, you simply need to see a qualified health care professional for that.

Also while using our products, especially our information products, do not assume you know what we, our authors are talking about without fulling understanding what they are talking about.  It’s easy to make a short assumption and rush ahead into error.  But doing so in health can be costly.  So if you wish to emulate the information from our products, systems, protocols understand that  you assume the risk of doing so routines and make sure you have professional guidance.

By consuming the content of our website, newsletters, videos, webinars or by purchasing and using or emulating any protocol, workout, diet or system from our information products, or by consuming our physical products or any other form of information provided by this site or our other related MAGNA brands you agree to disclaim all liability and hold harmless our company, VSX Health LLC, it’s owners, employees and affiliates.  Do understand that all information on our website is for educational purposes only and is not to be copied, emulated or followed whatsoever unless you have a licensed health care professional giving you the ok while guiding you through any of our ideas.   If you follow any of our ideas,  you do so at your own risk.

We make our best efforts to present information as accurately as possible.  On top of that, new discoveries are being made that makes what seems to be correct at the time of creation of our information content or our physical products content but then are shown to be incorrect later.   Then on top of that, due to industry related fraud as you have probably seen, companies and institutions have manipulated data for their own benefits while making false claims against what is true.

Understand that just because a substance is natural, it doesn’t mean it is harmless, especially if you are on drugs, pharmaceutical medicines.   There are many natural substances that are poisons as commonly well known and many not well known.  You may be allergic to certain substances. You may have conflicts in your body due to various chemical contaminants you have from your environment.  Your internal system maybe disrupted or degenerated or in a diseased stated due to poor dietary habits or other related health habits.

Even if an author says or any sales pitch on our sites or related platforms or in the actual information product makes a statement as a directive, command, saying something that sounds like advice or instruction telling you what to do, any statement as such should be taken as the author telling himself or herself what to do and not to be taken as personal instruction to you.  Understand that only a licensed health care professional can give you individualized advice, diagnosis, or of something to do or something to take.  Understand that there is no “cure all” necessarily that works for all people since all people are different, have different stimuli and have different habits.

Understand that even if a statement may seem like:  a “health claim” is being made, that a “diagnosis” is being made, that a “recommendation” is being made, that a “directive for treatment” is being made, that a “prescription” sounds like it is being made (even such statements as “eat broccoli” or in eating or supplementation systems or strategies such as “protocols”) including similar type of statements, that we do not intend to make health claims, diagnoses, recommendations, give directive for treatments, give prescriptions telling you what to eat, swallow, do or put on  your body.  Consider all text, audio or video that sounds or seems to sound like any health claim, diagnosis, recommendation, directive for treatment or prescription that sounds like they were being made to be an expression of opinion for educational and informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe or recommend.

We do understand that every person is different and needs a personal analysis by a licensed, competent, good healthcare professional who knows what they are doing and has your health as their priority. There is no way we can make broad statements of instruction to any individual since there are so, so many different variables that affect an individual’s health positively or negatively.  Factors such as an individual’s environment, personal habits, or lack of good personal health habits will helps shape and individuals health different from another individual. Although we may have licensed healthcare professionals sell their products on this site or a joint venture with us in the future we are not licensed healthcare professionals nor do we intend to be so;  we are researchers and reporters, people with various health experiences overcoming adversity to victory at various moments of life.

Understand that everything we state on this site is simply stated as a reflection of our own personal experiences for the sake that others may gain greater understanding and knowledge by learning about our results from our personal experiences, yet not take as personal advice or personal diagnosis. What you do with any of our educational materials, supplements or other products is your own personal decision and understand that you take on your own risks by making any decision to try any of our products, diets, protocols or workouts. So therefore do not assume or read into our products assuming that we are here to “cure”, “diagnose” or “prescribe” a solution to you.  Additionally do not contact us with your health questions tips for health advice. – We cannot answer your health questions or give you health advice. So do understand that upfront so you don’t think we are trying to be rude – we are just not allowed to do so. But what you can do is take any knowledge or understanding, including any supplements or other products to your personal licensed physician that you trust as knowledgeable and competent and ask them your health questions regarding our materials and products. On that note please do understand that health knowledge in understanding is advancing so rapidly these days that it is difficult for everyone to keep up so keep that in perspective and be kind to your doctor or other licensed health care professional.

Note: our products are not intended to recommend, treat, diagnose to you or anyone in particular. Seek the guidance of a competent, licensed medical professional to work with you on a through, individualized basis because everyone has a different physiological story… Our products are to be taken as theoretical ideas. Even if we tested a product, protocol, strategy or system on ourselves successfully for years, it does not mean it will work for you as an individual in your uniqueness. Each individual is unique because for example each individual has their own: body chemistry, blood type, genes, environment, air pollutants, indoor pollutants, chemicals applied to body or ingested, surrounding radioactive and magnetic fields, diets, supplementation, air quality, allergens, mold spores, dust, dander from animals, insects etc, emotional states, spiritual states, body strength, average blood flow from exercise or lack of exercise and so on…