How would you define great health?

I guess that’s a certain matter of opinion but let me give you my opinion since I have tested and known many very in shape people with advanced great health conditions.

In my experience common knowledge and I I now know it’s possible to have great health even into your 90s and maybe Beyond.

A key consideration is to optimize one’s surroundings while eliminating detrimental factors while encouraging optimization Factor. Now this is all with the understanding that we are not including concepts of destiny, fate, accidents or other things that cause bad health or worse, perspectives sake. But we don’t think upon such things although we do want to optimize our scenarios, our surroundings and what we do so we can avoid bad scenarios and things that adversely affect your health.

So we focus on the positive because whatever you focus upon grows. Whatever you can you drive towards yourself. Focus upon something, some thought and you draw like concepts and factors in addition to like-minded people towards yourself.

Having great health contains a variety of factors. Here are a few:

  1. Have a strong immunity system so avoid sicknesses and diseases that are preventable.
  2. Have a sound and solid bone, joint and muscle structure so you can withstand slips and falls, bump and bruises – that, in addition to being able to move around quickly, athletically being able to enjoy various sporting activities even with good velocity and speed in addition to strength and power.
  3. Have great body shape with low body fat percentage, and physique for self confidence, respect an attraction from the opposite sex.
  4. Pass your physical exams and advanced blood tests with flying colors. I have an ultra-sharp mind, what’s optimized brain health, be able to process vast quantities of information accurately.
  5. Have an ultra healthy heart capable of handling significant cardiovascular feats, at least relative to the individual.
  6. Have optimize heating systems and supplementation systems for great health, focus, energy, hormone balance, libido, mental state and emotional state.
  7. Have excellent agility to move about as one wishes even with high-speed, and accuracy to be able to accomplish things one would want to accomplish and to be able to avoid scenarios that could cause damage, or react scenarios to prevent damage to someone or something else.

These are somethings I would personally look to optimizing for great health at this time although I may add to this list later. The question is, what’s on your list?

It’s a good idea to figure your own list out and get organized about conquering your health making it great.

Good health is average health that just gets you by and passes as “not bad health”. For me I want to have great health because I want to maximize life and opportunities we have in life to do some great things. I want to be able to experience things to the fullest and I need all of my facilities running in an optimal state to do so. To optimize myself Beyond good health in order to achieve great help so I can accomplish the goals I want to accomplish.

Maybe you can start a list of thing you would want to improve about your own health. If anything was possible, anything at all what would you choose to improve? What would you chose to become?

Once that list is established a plan using natural methods and something I called physiological logic can be used to reverse engineer or at least research possibilities in order to figure out how to achieve the optimize Health goal we desire.

Unfortunately many just simply go with the flow, with what everyone else is doing… They don’t feel and they’re falling apart but they just think open quote that’s just the way it goes close quote so they simply give up and rot away. Well that’s not acceptable. There’s always a way.

On that note when working with your help make sure you seek competent advisers and professionals. I receive so much lame, incompetent, ignorant or downright evil advice over time from so-called profession who are nothing more than scam artists or just simply ignorant. Take responsibility for your own health and look to optimise what you have and prevent what you can. And if you fall apart or something breaks then fortunately we do have the competent medical Professional world to help us out. That said there are many talented physicians who have increased their knowledge and understanding of how the Body Works in terms of foods and supplementation; they know how to analyze your health in order to optimize your health more accurately – you definitely want to find one of these professionals and work with them.

We don’t want to wing it when it comes to our health. We really don’t know if we’re doing anything out of balance, (for example taking too many supplements of one kind where you actually need more of another kind) so therefore we want to get through blood tests to find out what’s really going on inside of us. We want tests done by a competent professional who understands a more holistic approach (versus those who are just trying to sign you up for some new surgery or get you on some magic pill, or who just simply misdiagnose without even considering the fundamental problem that’s causing the issue…) in order to find out where we are with our health and where we need to go. We need to plug the critical gaps in our health first. Then we need to look to optimize to have a great health.

After all this is fundamental things we can do to optimize our help right now. We can chat diets. We can adopt an exercise protocol that will coordinate with where we’re at in our health and physical condition.