The Difference Between Great Health and Good Health

At this moment in time we have made a lot of advances in Health Sciences but we have gone backwards in many ways as well. We seem to have thrown off what works in order to achieve some newer way. Now it’s great to be able to fix the problem when the problem arises. Butt in my perspective it’s better to not even get into the problem in the first place!

Regardless we still have the opportunity to optimize are cells for not only good health but great help. The availability of knowledge, accessibility and knowledge of supplementation and food quality optimization in addition to the identification of various poisons, toxins, air pollutants to our bodies for avoidance gives us a tremendous opportunity in history to have better health than ever before. And I say this even against the forces that are working against us as listed below:

We’ve got all sorts of things working against us as most would say:

  • Weed too much sugar.
  • We eat too many processed food while loaded with preservatives, plastics, pesticides, variety of toxins and poisons, artificial food coloring, artificial chemical sweeteners. Grown foods are of low nutrient density, loaded with pesticides, genetically modified.
  • We eat little variation of foods and herbs therefore lacking many important and Powerful nutrients.
  • We are bombarded by electromagnetic fields with rapid advancements in technology.  We are subject to more radiation exposure.
  • We have more pollutants in our air and poor air quality.
  • We have off-gassing chemical fumes coming from our homes and our furnitures.
  • We paste on chemicals in our cosmetics, so deodorant, soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes…
  • We use a variety of toxic cleaners that we end up breathing in or absorbing through contact… And this list can be expanded…
  • All this is happening While most people have no idea what’s going on; no idea about good nutrition; no idea about high quality foods, no idea about supplementation, and no idea about poisons and toxins avoidance.  And to make matters worse, And to make matters worse many if not most don’t look to correct the root of their problem at all – they run off looking for fix in a magic pill that ends up wrecking their health in other areas.

So if something is poisoning a person making them feel terrible wouldn’t it be smarter to remove the poison vs running off looking to keep their poison with a magic pill?   Somehow we have brainwashed ourselves into liking poison these days.  We have to wonder how that is possible and why that is possible.

Conspiracies are everywhere. Now I can’t confirm anything to a fact in terms of conspiracies. Nor is it my intent to do so.  Hey maybe they true or maybe they might not be.  But I’ve noticed that if you use a story of “us-against-them”, or think about some secret enemy conspiracies and that kind of thing you can use that as motivation to break bad health habits and get new ones.

Just because everyone around you is doing something, like a herd of pigs about to run off the side of a cliff or whatever that saying your mother used to tell you was, doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing. At least we were taught a bunch of things in school growing up about our bodies in regards to biology and how our bodies fundamentally work. There’s a ton of great information out on the internet if you want to search for facts.

Now there are different ways of approaching great health. There’s an austere way where are you simply change basically who you are and what you believe in, and that can certainly be good. And then there is what some would call, a practical way whereas you do certain things in order to get the maximum benefits, physiologically and emotionally, avoiding going to austere, emotionally speaking in a health change.

Speaking of austerity if you really look at what is ” austere”, if you really think about it so you’ll realize that what is austere to one may not be so off to your to the other. Now they are natural limitations in terms of starvation… Your body needs certain things absolutely. But for example does your body really need 1/2 gallon of ice cream at least once or twice a week? For someone who has a habit of channeling down a half gallon of ice cream once a week, cutting that out would feel austere, at least in the short-term.

Tenants of good health

  1. Pass your physical
  2. Feel like you operate normally and what you do.
  3. Feel OK and feel like you don’t have any problems.

Tenants of great health

  1. Feel really great.
  2. Know that you are optimizing your nutrient levels for maximum prevention of disorder and disease. Know that you are optimizing your nutrient levels for high level performance whether that be in work, athletics, general cognitive abilities or even libido.
  3. Optimize muscle, joint strength, agility and coordination so you can do even athletic things into your older age.
  4. Be slender, lean, have a flat belly, have muscle tone or even have strong shapely muscles while seeing the shape and separation between the muscles having a very attractive body in the process.
  5. Having an optimized brain that can work quickly, process information quickly and even operate a genius levels. Score excellent marks on all sorts of internal processes, organ Health, blood health, gut Flora balance…
  6. Having optimized immunity system that runs a very strong levels eliminating allergies when possible while avoiding colds and flus and optimizing your immune system state to keep poisons (non extreme poisons), toxins, spores, bacteria, viruses, internal body waste products at bay.