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Discover Hidden Secrets In Food And Find Out The Different Ways Of Unlocking These Food Superpowers So You Can Start To Use Them Strategically And Systematically To Accomplish Your Health Goals, Help Health Prevent Problems And Help Solve Health Problems

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  • + What's the point in purpose of this membership versus people using the overused and abused phrase "food as medicine" in the past? Systematic use of food for targeted goals, 4 problem reversal, for understanding how to use Foods in different forms to unlock their secrets and nutrients that have healing and empowering properties, to help us achieve our health goals, has become more supernaturally.
  • + Most people don't use food in a very smart way because they simply don't know about the foods and what they can actually do for a person. On the other hand other people eat foods that are not so productive because they don't understand what certain other foods can do in terms of Bring It about negative health results. And most of these types of foods are not really original foods but they have been altered Foods if you want to give them even call them Foods.
  • + Also many people eat Foods based on the dictates of the Symbiotes Within and not on what they, physical bodies actually want and need. When you're the slave of Symbiotes then you eat to maximize the power of the parasitic symbiosis within you and you do not eat for your own benefit. This is universal law which we have discovered and is a huge key to All Wellness and youthfulness in addition to a lean and toned body.
  • + So in order in real time and systematically what needs to happen is that you need to understand and Noah food so well that you can use it in Your Arsenal or as a color on your palette to paint your picture or to hit your Target in real time to achieve the health result you want. Often this health result

"Food As Medicine" Educational Training Program

You have heard this expression before. But I want you to look at this concept in a different angle, the way we look at it which is: To use food and take food as if that food were medicine to either solve a problem, prevent a problem or achieve a health-related goal.

We want to use food as if it were "the magic pill".

Food is very powerful when one knows how to find foods that are potent, combine those foods with other Foods, avoid certain foods and ' not really Foods', while increasing absorbability of the nutrients of the foods in addition to using food timing.

Due to very ignorant promotion of erroneous information or simply the marketing of various substances by various businesses the average consumer has no idea how powerful food can be. On that note the average consumer doesn't know how detrimental various processed foods or food that have been interfered with through human methods can be.

In order to understand the power behind a food one educated about that food. Not only does one need to get educated about that food one needs to even understand the properties of the food that makes that food so powerful.

And for those of you who may not quite understand the concept of food being powerful do you understand that we are talking from my perspective of eating organic foods, natural State and preferably grown in soil that has not been drained of its nutrients.

Learn About Foods Indepth Month by Month with Uses, "Dosages", Strategies for that Food, that Food's Use in Remedies, Clinical Testings with that Food, Ancient Cultural Uses & Secrets with that Food, the Food's Nutritional Profile In Dept, Benefits of that Food and Much More....

Monthly Educational Training. Learn About Mysteries, Secrets & Not So Secrets Benefits and Healing Powers of God's Creations...

Food As Medicine Training Program Membership


Food As Medicine Training Program is a monthly membership that teaching you in depth about a food source so you can master understanding on how to use that food to address health issues and health goals.

You can also use the Food As Medicine Training Program to help you develop your own eating systems and develop new eating habits.  Incorporating powerful food in one's daily or weekly habit can augment health to great levels while potentially helping prevent a lot of future problems.

Look to eat your way into great health.  Knowing and understanding what a food is for and what it can do can be very valuable.   So now you can address health issues or optimize health for superior performance with a certain food or a combination of foods.

  • Learn all sorts of details about a particular food such a it's nutrition breakdown, were and how it's optimally grown, where to buy
  • Discover how that food interacts with the body.  Discover how that food benefits the body.
  • Learn about the differences on how a food is grown for ideal, and optimal nutrient density of that food.  And then discover how to avoid "fake" versions of that food:  GMO versions, pesticide or chemically treated versions vs. organic versions grown in rich soils.
  • Once you understand a food you will be able to optimize a powerful diet therefore boosting your health, boosting your immunity, boosting your energy in addition to gaining many, many other physical, mental and emotional benefits that are too numerous to mention on this page!


Gain Incredible Health Power by Understanding Different Foods One By One and How Specific Foods Can Help You Address Different Areas for Health Maximization


What We Will Be Covering:


  • Discover Nutrient Value of Foods Known and Not so Well Known in Different Uses, Ways of Preparation
  •  Protocol Ideas & Concepts for Using "Food as Medicine" Reports
  • Recipes for Quick, Fast, Easier Ways of Consuming the Particular Food
  • Benefits, Healing & Strengthening Properties of Each Food
  • Resources and Ideas for More Easily Obtaining that Food
  • Clinical Studies Related to the Use of the Food or Extracts of that Food
  • Different Methods for Preparing that Food that Brings Out Different Nutrients

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