MAGNALIFE Whole Food Based Vitamins 42 Fruits, Vegetables Plus Super Foods and Enzymes with Enhanced Bioavailability

Supports: Overall Health, Boost, Immune System, Brain Power, Eyes, Joints & So Many Other Body Functions... Powerful Anti Oxidants and Much More...

  • Supports Health
  • More Energy
  • Mineral Complex
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Enhanced Bio-Availability
  • Loaded with 42 Fruits and Vegetables ( u2013 a super salad in a bottle!)
  • Loaded with Super Foods On Top of That!
  • Supports Brain Health
  • Supports Immunity
  • Supports Eye Health
  • Enzyme Complex Supports Digestive Health
  • Small Easy to Swallow Pills!
  • Start Feeling Good Immediately After Taking!

Imagine all of the Chewing You'll Have to Do to Eat 42 Fruits, Vegetables Plus Super Foods...

The Solution: Reduce All That Chewing to 10 Seconds with 3 Smaller Sized Nutritionally Packed Vitamin Pills!

"I found these MAGNALIFE vitamins very easy to swallow vs other vitamins out there.u00a0 Frankly, these vitamins have made me feel better than ANY vitamin I've ever tried and I've tried just about every type of multi vitamin over time!"u00a0 CN Florida










Bing Cherry


Milk Thistle


Green Tea

Wheat Grass




Barley Grass
















Black Currant


It has become harder to feed our bodies with the nutrients our bodies demand.u00a0 Food, no matter what anyone else tells you, is no longer a viable option to get all the optimal nutrients your body needs to maximize great health.Food quality is way down. Food corruption with GMO, steroids, heavy metals, random chemicals, pesticides... is way up.

We would have to buy a lot of food which is expensive & time consuming to prepare and eat (not to mention all of that chewing...) while eating into a job in order to compare with the nutrients you can achieve through three little power packed pills that you can get at for a very low daily cost with MAGNA Food Based Vitamins. If you look around you maybe able to notice that people are starving while eating more and more (while many even get more and more overweight!).

"Third world" (as is said) countries eat much more nutritiously vs. a large percentage of the USA population. Most people have no idea that they are deficient in many nutrients. And that is sad.u00a0 They develop all sorts of health issues and don't know why. But today you're going to put your foot down and make sure you're getting nutrients you need, while making your body very happy! Most people do not have any idea that they cannot get all the nutrients they need from food even though that's a popular concept.

  • Firstly Foods have 1/50th to 1/70th the vitamin & mineral counts that they did 50 to 70 years ago as reported due too commercialized farming practices, depletion of soil, overuse of soil and attempts to produce more food at cheaper costs.
  • Secondly it is very difficult to find foods that are not loaded with all sorts of chemicals and pesticides or that have not been genetically modified for most people.
  • Thirdly in order to get the nutrients you need in comparison to a daily supply of are very powerful MAGNALIFE Food Based Vitamins you would need to eat A LOT of foods everyday which can be a lot of work, time consuming and not to mention expensive.

Yes a lot of "experts" try to "sound good" by talking about (parroting really) how you should only get your vitamins and minerals from food only. They don't live in reality. They assume everyone has availability and the money to acquire all sorts of clean organic foods. But these folks who say this usually have a lot of money to spend on lots of different types of organic foods and can often hire people to prepare it for them.u00a0

They don't understand most of the rest of the planet doesn't have the money they have to spend on all of this food. Nor do they realized that most of the rest of the planet including the USA does not have easy access to such good foods, organic, clean foods, super foods and the like. 2 t0 4 Servings of Fruits and 3 to 5 Servings of Vegetables or 2 1/2 Cups Each as an USDA Pyramid Bare Minimum - Are You Eating This?

Although many would argue that the USDA or the new "MyPlate" is still far off, the fruits and vegetable counts have remained relatively similar. But who eats this much in fruits and veggies every day? You can bet, not many.u00a0 We're all way too busy these days. We don't have time prepare these Foods or even grocery shop in an organized way.

Hence, wouldn't be absolutely awesome to have 42 fruits and veggies plus other superfoods too come in 3 small vitamins you can swallow in what, 10 seconds? You better believe it.u00a0 And with our MAGNALIFE Food Based Vitamins, you'll likely feel the results right away. You'll also feel the difference when you're not taking your MAGNALIFE Food Based Vitamins as well.

Modern Food Supply = Low Food Quality, Low Nutrient Density & Loaded with Poisons Too


We've got problems here in the USA. Other countries have similar problems. Agricultural tricks and cost cutting practices have near ruined our Foods we consume. There is very low nutrient value in our grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables...

No matter how much you eat it's near impossible to get the nutrients you need especially with today's nutrient depleted food. There a lot of "gurus" out there who talk about eating foods to get your vitamins. Rest assured you can be assured that they are a. Blowing hot air for marketing purposes b. Wealthy themselves so they can afford expensive organic foods that the masses simply cannot afford or easily access.

But what the masses can afford and access are food-based vitamins! Indian daily dosage of pills you can get 42 powerful fruits, veggies, super foods and plus even more superfoods added on top of that...

Take a look at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's nutritional values for fruits and vegetables today compared to 1975.2 Apples:

  1. Vitamin A is down 41% Sweet Peppers:
  2. Vitamin C is down 31%
  3. Watercress: Iron is down 88%
  4. Broccoli: Calcium and vitamin A are down 50%
  5. Collard Greens: Vitamin A is down 45%;
  6. Potassium is down 60%; and
  7. Magnesium is down 85%
  8. Cauliflower: Vitamin C is down 45%; vitamin B1 is down 48%; and vitamin B2 is down 47%

Making matters worse here's what's going on in part:

  • The rich varieties of foods from the earth we have had in the past are all but extinct. Whereas we may have had 30 variations of a particular food at one point now we are reduced to two or three.
  • Genetic modification of foods and vegetables some for positive purposes others that are for downright evil purposes have created who knows what or even monster variations of our Foods.
  • Our soils are depleted, irresponsibly treated for a long time now. So you need to city is very low.
  • And to make matters even worse our soils and our foods are loaded with pesticides, and other strange chemical contaminants.

But you know all about that don't you by now.

You really need to try this vitamin now to experience it as in don't procrastinate while you have the spark of inspiration.

I personally have tried MAGNALIFE  it has become arguably my favorites even down to the perfect size of pill for swallowing.  Man, these make me feel good.  And when I run out I can tell a HUGE difference.

If I think about it, why has this food-based vitamins become one of my favorites? It just makes me feel the best probably because it's rich with super foods, fruit and veggies in addition to a very potent combination vitamins and minerals.

You'll be able to tell it's loaded with some powerful and real ingredients. I like it that you can feel the results right away. The pills are small compared to other brand's horse pills.

Who wants to choke on big horse pills! Certainly not me and I'm sure not you either.

These vitamins give me a nice boost my immune system. I can feel it in my immune system when it gets down. This vitamin is a vital component that I have been using to help fend off colds and flus as well.

Take Charge of Your Own Health and Start a New Great Habit with our MAGNALIFE Foods Based Vitamins

Try Them! We Think You'll Be Pleasantly & Powerfully Surprised

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