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Advancing Health Past Just "Good" Or "Ok" Posts articles and videos on discoveries and education in health with a primary focus upon natural natural, for the purpose of health optimization for the objective of operating in peak health. We sell supplements and related natural health products in addition to reports, research reports, courses, educational memberships, discoveries, natural remedies and logic based health remedies from the respective author's own experience and personal testing.
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Elevate up into new realms of being. Great health brings increased ability, agility, energy and excitement. Discover natural & logical new ways for improving overall health covering a variety of topics in unique and powerful ways:

  • Total health
  • Agility, Strength, Fitness, Weightloss, Body shaping & Toning
  • Joint health & strengh
  • Super Immunity Systems
  • Max Energy
  • Focus
  • Beautiful Skin
  • Great Healthy Hair
  • Strong hearts, Clean Blood Vessels,
  • Healthy, Powerful Brains
  • Cleansed Bodies from the Inside Out
  • and Much More...


  1. MAGNA KOR Heath Supplements Program
  2. MAGNA RESURRECTION Health Supplements Program
  3. MAGNA IMMUNITY Supplements
  4. MAGNA LEAN Supplements
  5. MAGNA BRAIN Supplements
  6. MAGNA SKIN Supplements
  7. Prostrate Health Supplements
  8. Bone Health Supplements
  9. Diabetes Support Supplements
  10. Hair Vitamins
  11. Boost Energy Supplements
  12. Focus Supplements


  1. Food as Medicine Training Program Monthly Membership
  2. Supplements as Medicine Training Program Monthly Membership
  3. MAGNA Lean - Fat Loss Workout Systems Monthly.  The body gets used to workouts fast. One tends to get bored fast.  If you're looking to become and stay lean, shappley even "ripped" then this program is for you.
  4. MAGNA Lean Fat Loss Eating Protocols Monthly  - An eating protocol focuses on foods to eat.  We look to eat only the foods on the protocol and not others.  Doing these check list protocols are a fun adventure that helps us optimize our health and get rid of excess fat.
  5. MAGNA Muscle Building Programs Monthly: Focuses upon different ways of moving weights for maximum visible results in minimal time.  Learn the programs. Understand how they work. Discover secrets in the methods of lifting weights, in combination with other exercises that build muscle fast negating the need for extreme "supplementation".
  6. MAGNA Health - Food Protocols Monthly for Maximizing Health: When its time to step into the realm of great health for maximum health, productivity and performance.  Diet protocols to make health great.  Supplementation protocols to maximize health for different goals.  Exercise protocols.
  7. MAGNA BEING KOR Health Training Program:  Reconstruct health program.  A report with action plan monthly and education on KOR aspects of setting a foundation for great health to help avoid problems while maximizing your functionality, your energy, your happiness, your confidence, your success.
  8. MAGNA KOR Supplement Bundle
  9. MAGNA ANTI AGING Program - Monthly training, education and protocols.  Anti Aging Habits to incorporate.  Reverse teleomere shortening.  Restore joints.  Restore muscles.  Restore the entire body.  Restore agility.  Increase strength.  Increase structural stability.  Know and understand the enemies that age you faster.

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