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Core Health Restoration and Advancement to Good Health Then Advancement to Great Health Educational Program 

Receive powerful monthly education for setting the foundations for good health and advancements into great health 

Get trained in "physiological logic"  so you can pursue your own understanding behind a problem because once the actual problem is identified a solution can soon follow...

Research, Clinical, New Discoveries

Optimization studies for all body functionality grouped by topics monthly

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"Food As Medicine" - Food Secrets Training Educational Program for Using "Food As a Medicine"

Understand Food By Food and Know the Potent Components Plus Synergistic Factors

Learn about a food in depth so in the future you'll know how to use that food and in combinations with other foods to optimize your self, Your performance, or to address a problem that you want resolved with food

Discover differences in quality - all red delicious apples, for example are not the same and if a food is grown poorly it could be not very effective or even hurt you (learn how to avoid those) but if a food is grown properly it could power you up like Underdog's super powered vitamin pills.  Learn how to grow your own in many instances.  Find ways of having foods shipped to you even products.  

Learn about different quick "hacks" on how prepare and eat a particular food.  We look for speed and convenience methods and "tricks" to have such super powered foods on hand without being a disruptive process.  That said we'll provide recipes as well that are more elaborate and creative for those who are interested in cooking more.

Find out more information on "food dosing" using food like it's a medicine for your certain desired health purposes

Learn about how different cultures and ancient cultures used foods for healing and health optimization. 

This is an awesome educational service with information that is incredibly valuable that will give you a whole new appreciation to the gifts of these wonderful foods we have been given on this planet.  Sign up below:


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"Supplement As Medicine" Training Program

Supplements Have Proven Themselves to Be Extremely Powerful for Health Restoration and Optimization and Now Receive the Opportunity to Learn In-depth About Each Supplement to Add to Your Own Personal Power

Receive powerful monthly education in depth for each supplement

Learn about different dosing of supplements for different desired end results

Understand and differentiate between different qualities of supplements

Be able to differentiate better between marketing pitches and the facts about supplements including fillers

New clinical tests with supplements are being done around the world - discover amazing breakthroughs

Add new "super powers" to yourself in your ability to use supplements to achieve health goals

Learn about reported uses and excesses, conflicts as well with different supplements.

Receive monthly reports in different formats so you can keep adding to your knowledge and understanding as pieces to a puzzle, as building blocks to make your own wonderful pictures for supplement usage and combinations. 

Knowledge and understanding is indeed power and you'll add to your own "Personal Power" monthly through our reports:  Subscribe below:


Torch30 Fat Melting Workouts Monthly

Fat Burning Workouts Monthly for Rapid Fat Torching on Demand

New Monthly Workouts and Ways of Doing Workouts Monthly that Provide Ways and Even Fun Approaches for Dramatically Increasing the Ability to Burn Fat From Where You Are 

  • Learn fat burning workouts from where you are in terms of your fitness level or lack thereof.  If you can move then you will learn how to adjust the workout to yourself


EverLean30 Fat Burning Diets Monthly

EVERLEAN30 Fat Burning Diets Monthly

Fat Loss Diets / Weight Loss Diets Monthly - Receive a New Eating Protocol Monthly for Optimal Leaness, to Obtain and Keep a Flat Belly, Lean Hips, Firm Legs & a General Toned Body...

Understand our bodies get used to diets quickly and our progress slows down

As you know, we humans get bored of diets quickly too so we need new fun techniques and eating plans

Ultimately with every diet we do and every time we do a same diet we get better at doing that diet.  That's a concept that gets easily missed.  The fast loss process is something we can and need to "get good at" doing like the pro body builders, fitness models and models in general - those guys simply got better and better at losing fat on demand and it's becomes a "piece of cake" like its nothing to them. 

Please do understand we want to find diets that ultimately make us feel really good and look really good.  

Many of our diets will help establish fantastic health while helping us prevent so many health problems that afflict the masses. 

Another goal is to be able to become so good at dieting that we can loose fat quickly and simply without it even feeling like it's something miserable as most feel with a diet.

Plus we all want to be able to enjoy fun foods when we  and we'll learn how to do so smartly so we don't have to worry about "getting fat".   So therefore we want to live robustly not austerely and we'll learn how to do this as we get better and better at dieting

Become a dieting virtuoso by learning all the different ways of dieting and fat burning techniques through our MAGNA Diets Monthly Membership



Superior BE-Ing Eating Systems and Supplement Systems for Habit Installation for Powerful States of BEing...

New Advanced Concepts for the Ambitious Who Seek Not Just Ok Health, Not Just Good Health, Not Just Great Health But Superior Health Seeking to Optimize One's State of Being Naturally

Learn from and emulate what we do to achieve superior health for incredible energy, alertness, awareness, duration, strength, stamina with the maximization of health to superior levels with every part and function of the body. Join our journey as we make extraordinary discoveries from our own self testing and research into natural health optimization.

The potential benefits can be incredible.   This program is for those who are seeking to maximize life and accomplish great things.

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GREAT Health Diets Monthly


- Restore maximum health through new level "fundamentals" of eating to super charge your body

- Select food focus are used to emphasize and cycle health boost

-Bypass the nonsense in terms of " what is healthy" that is promoted as " official information" but is rather for the sake of selling you their Foods. Nothing wrong with selling but popular concepts of "healthy" have been nowhere near what will give us all great health.

-In today's world everyone has become quite busy and will likely become more busy into the future trying to process all these great new discoveries. We designed these health diet ourselves therefore we designed them for maximum convenience and maximum health at the same time. Most others you put out diet out there try to impress people about how fancy they can get. Only this fanciness comes up with recipes that are very time-consuming inexpensive to make. We look for shortcuts since we have other things to do besides grocery shop and cook all day as other's diet programs tend to do. On the other hand you have popular diet programs and " official nutritional information" that falls drastically short of having the nutrition density that can actually help promote great health.

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