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Core Health Restoration and Advancement to Good Health Then Advancement to Great Health Educational Program 

Receive powerful monthly education for setting the foundations for good health and advancements into great health

Get trained in “physiological logic”  so you can pursue your own understanding behind a problem because once the actual problem is identified a solution can soon follow…

Research, Clinical, New Discoveries

Optimization studies for all body functionality grouped by topics monthly

With the MAGNA KOR “Health Resurrection Program” we look to educate improvised step-by-step action plans providing new good habit concepts for acquiring and bad habit identification for “un-installation”.

What do we mean by “Health Resurrection”?  When one is unhealthy it is difficult to realize one is not in a healthy state until Health “breaks” and one gets very sick. Most of us have been running on the very edge of having her help break. In These days with so many factors stacked against us in terms of having really good health one can assume that they likely are in compromised, low state of health.

  • Restoring the body to a natural optimized stated in line with the body’s designed and integration with the Earth
  • We take a very practical approach to health through the roots of “Physiological Logic” (a concept we created for solving health issues).  This is not “new age” philosophy that seems to take over and infect many avenues of natural health nor do we take the modern medical approach that looks to cut & patch, treat symptoms only or use artificial natural derivatives and chemicals to treat conditions.   Although we’ll gain insights from many different health philosophers, certain insights from the MD world usually for the sake of finding a natural or logical approach, different cultural habits and discoveries that have shown to provide Great health benefits, historical, cultural ancient herbal and natural medicine discoveries, the use of advanced techniques from the bodybuilding world, the use of ancient science with sound and light, the purposeful use of the emotions, the optimization of exercising in many other natural based techniques …  we look to come up with our own philosophies on health that most will find quite interesting and unique.

Have your noticed that when you have been eating healthy and then he some bad food one tends to get into a “funk” of eating poorly while even being more open-minded to other junk foods and substances that are not pure to the body?

What we have discovered from our research that when one cleans out one’s health and restructured their health habits they have an actual taste for the good and pure things that give the body a lot of Power and health, one tends to find more internal peace and happiness.

Scam foods:  Foods or substances they’re not good for us tend to give us an initial sensation of feeling good but intend to drop us into poor health states.  We’ll seek to educate so you can make your own informed decisions.

Lean Body = AUTOMATIC Lean Body through Health Resurrection.

From our experience:  excess body fat is a SYMPTOM of the body being in a Dis- Eased stated one form or another.  And even from our own experience by restoring our bodies to natural super health states, we have found that body fat, excess body puffiness tends to simply disappear.

Most people when they are looking to have a lean body look to have some sort of quickfix without having to give up serve detrimental habits. But when one finally makes the break at a certain bad health habits into good ones they realized that the certain bad habits we’re not actually that enjoyable land we’re downright disgusting, even dirty feeling.  So by making oneself feel better and more happy in a sense, automatic fat removal can ensue.

Modern Times Brings About the Availability of Varieties of Foods, Herbs, Oils and Herbs Even to the Click of a Few Buttons Delivered to Your Front Door

More than ever we have the opportunity to maximize natural health due to the availability of different foods and supplements. These are easily accessible online for most people they have even delivered to their home.  Even organic produce, meats and dairy can be delivered right to your front doorstep.

Now the missing part his knowledge and understanding. When one has knowledge and understanding on what a food can do for you or supplement then they have a lot of health power.  With this health power people can address many if not most tell problems and restore oneself naturally.


This program is for those who want to take their health to new realms of greatness.  In this program we look to push the realms of what is considered not just good heath and even beyond great health to new super levels of health performance and optimization.

  1. Super Immunity
  2. Super Agility
  3. Super Strength
  4. Super senses


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