New Asthma Observances

Asthma Decreases Amongst the More Affluent and More Educated

But Not So Amongst the Poor and Less Educated Especially in the USA – So Why Is That??

Speaking of Asthma as We Did on Our Last Post we decided to add this followup commentary.

It seems to be a mystery to the publishers of this article below on Yahoo but can you tell a link to why asthma rates did improve amongst the more affluent?

I think they got this right:

For low-income children in particular, it’s possible that environmental risk factors like tobacco exposure, poor housing and poor indoor air quality, and indoor dust mite and cockroach exposure may make asthma more likely, said Dr. Avni Joshi of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

But they don’t seem to be aware of:

  • Terrible tendencies for the poor in the USA, especially on food stamps and lesser informed areas to eat mostly all process foods loaded with chemicals, hormone residuals, antibiotic residuals, non filtered water, artificial sweeteners and a host of other artificial chemicals.   Their gut flora balanced tends to be abysmal.  Bad gut flora tends to inspire asthma as you can see from this asthma article and my own personal experiments!
  • Thanks to the Internet the more informed who pursue knowledge have learned the dangers of process foods, chemicals, artificial sweeteners and have started cutting back on those foods.  Plus the more educated have started taking probiotics and giving probiotics to their children.
  • Many are also more aware of the dangerous chemical off gassing that comes through carpets, furniture and other household building materials
  • Many of the more educated have become more aware of molds, fungi, spores etc in their homes: their walls, their floors, their furniture, their appliances, their air…  and have begun to make adjustments.
  • Many of the more educated have turn to natural fixes for colds and flus vs. rushing into taking antibiotics, which can be very destructive to good gut bacteria balance, thereby reducing antiobiotic intake directly while increasing natural immune support.
  • Additionally many of the more educated realized that roughly 80% of antibiotic use goes into maintaining live stock, for meats, milk, eggs …  and they understand the antibiotic trickle down effect.  So they avoid these mutilated meats and animal products and opt for organic instead.


Prevalence of asthma among kids peaked in 2009, held steady until 2013, and then seems to have dropped, according to a new study.


Childhood asthma rates appear to have stopped rising among many U.S. groups, but not among the poorest kids or children aged 10 and older, a study suggests.


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