Raw Milk Consumption Helps Reverse and Prevent Asthma?

Asthma is a troubling and potentially fatal condition that is more common every day. It’s affecting children, stimulating the apparition of other negative conditions on the side. For decades, asthma has been a serious problem, especially because there is no a straight answer for preventing or curing it.

Recently, studies have been testing raw milk effectiveness to treat asthma. The whole idea came from the fact that breastfeeding has proven protective capabilities against respiratory conditions and diseases in infants.

Regular milk, processed by boiling methods, showed no positive effects on respiratory conditions. But new studies focused on raw milk and the possibilities it offered. With regular milk discarded from this study, scientists had the chance to fully concentrate on the raw product, getting plenty of value information.

The Possibilities

The conclusion of the study we previously mentioned established that raw milk consumption is capable of reducing the incidence of respiratory infections of many kinds, febrile and middle-ear inflammation.

Before this study, other organizations conducted similar ones, dictating that raw milk was perfectly capable of increasing protection against asthma in children. According to numbers, protection against this respiratory condition went up to 41 percent in most cases.

The Reason behind Raw Milk Effectiveness

Saying that raw milk can protect children against asthma is great news but it’s necessary to dig into the reasons. Fortunately, these same studies also tried to determine this fundamental piece of information.

Seems like most of the effectiveness comes from the presence of whey proteins in raw milk. These proteins include bovine serum albumin, also known as BSA, and alpha-lactalbumin. These nutrients are effectively killed during the pasteurization process, eradicating all possibility of protecting the organism against infections.

Whey proteins in raw milk can stabilize mast cells, which can improve asthma conditions until the point of curing it completely. At the same time, pasteurization leads to abundant dead bacteria, increasing the possibilities for more infections and inflammations.

What about Living Bacteria?

While raw milk consumption implies plenty of bacteria entering the body, this is not bad news at all. Indeed, pasteurization exists to kill dangerous agents in milk but studies have discovered an entirely different approach.

Living bacteria in raw milk can be highly beneficial for overall health. Our immune system is totally capable of reaching this bacteria and making it part of it, increasing effectiveness against future infections. Also, this same bacteria greatly improves the digestive system, making it more efficient.

The Bottom Line

Asthma conditions have shown to be improved  and even eliminated thanks to raw milk consumption according to studies. Several studies have proven this with strong facts we should not ignore easily. On the other side, pasteurized milk seems to be even counterproductive for our health.

Children must be feed with the best alternatives we have. Their young bodies a more susceptible to processed foods and they will suffer the consequences for decades if we don’t choose what is best for them.

Raw milk is also richer in conjugated linoleic acid, raw fats, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and healthy enzymes.




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