So Maybe All of Those Antibiotics Caused My Asthma!

So Maybe All of Those Antibiotics Caused My Asthma!

From Web MD

Why do so many people suffer from allergies and asthma? Possibly because they’re taking too many antibiotics, new research shows.


Check this article out from Web MD

Well, actually I knew this, or heard about this concept 2 years ago, although the link had been made back prior.   I had moved into a condo with several caustic chemicals off gassing from bad carpets, a nearby chemical factory and who knows what else.  I had been ingesting sucralose (splenda, which is reported to kill up to 1/2 of your good gut bacteria) on a regular basis as well in pre-workout drinks, amino acid drinks, protein powders etc. for a couple years prior and at the same time as well.

My asthma came back big time.  I even had to use a spray 5 to 6 times a week even to  get to sleep.   So I did some research and found out the gut bacteria balance tie in to allergies and asthma.  What did I do?  Cut down sucralose drastically (was hard getting off my pre-workout drink so I just drank less, bad habit…), started taking probiotics, top tier probiotics maybe 4 – 6 times a week.  My wheezing, heaving breathing started going away gradually until I realized that I stopped using the inhaler at night to get to sleep.

Now I did rip out the carpet in the unit which help clear up the nasty off gassing chemical, which helped dramatically.  But there were other fumes that still agitated me somewhat. I would get a mild form of restricted breathing every now and then.  But finally I moved out of that very expensive hell hole.

The new place had it’s own allergens, maybe mold or mildew slightly in the air ducts.  (Hard to escape in Florida) .   I started getting slack.  Started eating lots of yummy protein bars loaded with sucralose again.  Started buying shakes from the gym which had sucralose.  My eating habits were declining getting wrapped up in work and slacking. And guess what started making a come back?

You guessed it!  My Asthma!  It wasn’t as bad but  I was getting restrictive breathing problems again.  Very interesting I thought.  What an excellent science experiment too!   (Yeah… i was eating those yummy protein bars for a science experiment only lol)  I had to start using the inhaler again :-(…

But how fortunate too!  I had the perfect setup for another probiotic test.  This time I added some nice Trader Joe’s organic yogurt to the mix for extra tasty good bacteria!    Low and behold… after 4 weeks (plus cutting down sucralose to just my pre-workout drink addiction – I know, I know..) there was no hint of asthma onward!

So stop eating artificial stuff, chemicals, poisons that kill your good gut bacteria and start eating friendly bacteria !  Sounds gross ehh but you can’t even taste the probiotic pills even on a burp kickback!


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