Soil Starvation – Most Farmers’ Soils are Starving and What That Means for Your Food


Soil Starvation – Most Farmers’ Soils are Starving and What That Means for Your Food

Even if you ignore it, soil is one of our most precious resources on earth. Without healthy soil, we are incapable of producing quality food. Running out of this resource would lead us to sickness and famishment.

While many scientific institutions have their eyes on this matter, government regulators don’t. Agribusinesses are doing whatever seems more profitable for them without caring about the outcome.

The quality of the food we eat is one of the worst aspects this issue has. We are consuming low-quality, practically counterproductive food. At the same time, we are killing our productive soil faster than we think. Reports about the number of unusable acres in major nations are terrifying.

But can we describe the reasons why is this happening? Also, what that means to our food?

Massive Use of Glyphosate Corrupts Root Systems

Back to 1974, Monsanto started to sell Roundup, a powerful glyphosate-based herbicide. Over the years, studies have proven its toxicity and long-term devastating effect on the soils’ health.

But why glyphosate is so dangerous for our soil and food? This herbicide stimulates the conditions for certain pathogens to develop. While there are plenty of microscopic species that are healthy for the crops, there are other species dedicated to becoming infectious.

These same species are resistant to glyphosate, even benefiting from it. A study showed that glyphosate attracted big concentrations of Fusarium, a pathogenic species that infect root systems, causing massive losses in food and decreasing the capacity of the soil for future crops.

GMOs’ Growing Presence Increases Pesticide Use

Natural foods will be always better for our health and we are going to use this opportunity to explain to you why. Consider that GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) are more abundant every day. In fact, some companies all over the world have been involved in dramatic controversies because they sold unlabeled GMOs pretending they were organic food.

Now, studies have proven that GMOs demand a higher use of pesticides, even when agribusinesses say the contrary. This increasing demand of highly-toxic pesticides is poisoning our soil, leading us to unhealthy crops.

The toxicity in the soil caused by this is almost impossible to reverse. Over the time, we are making our soil incapable healthy foods, free of dangerous agents to our bodies.

Poor Water Supply Decreases Production Quality

Soil depletion is more common than you think. It happens all the time and for a great number of reasons. This means that not everything is happening because of the irresponsible use of toxic chemicals.

Farmers with a deficient soil management often lose control of their water supply. While this is not that very common in fully-developed countries, it is usual in poor countries, many of them food exporters.

When the soil doesn’t receive enough water, its fertility begins to decrease. That’s why farmers have to ensure a constant supply of clear water to feed the soil. Unfortunately, climate change also plays a huge role here as well, taking control away from our hands.

Almost immediately, poor water supply evolves into low-quality food. Over time, water accessibility is decreasing, leaving us in a dangerous situation in terms of nutrition.



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